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A Commitment to Nature

City Place seamlessly connects people and nature to create a new, unified energy. Days with more flow. A healthier life, surrounded by everything that’s best about city and country.
City Place
City Place

More than 290 acres are dedicated to a system of parks and natural corridors that connect to a network of smooth paths and natural trails. We have a spot for your dogs. A preserve for education and recreation. Trails to keep you in step with both the forest and the rest of the community. And green spaces that bring you closer to the waters in our ecosystem. In our wired world, the great outdoors has become an essential luxury.

Preserved for Generations

City Place has plans to preserve 20% of our total land for protected waters, woods and open space. All major roadways are lined with a forest preserve in order to provide air cleansing, shade, habitat and essential buffering. There are more than 100 native species of trees in our protected forest, including American Elm, Pecan, Redbay, American Holly, Sassafras and Bald Cypress.

A Regenerative Landscape

City Place is creating a sustainable native landscape for our parks, sidewalks and streetscapes, rather than succumb to the overly-manicured landscapes common in developments that view plantscapes as disposable. Seeds of plants native to our region used in our landscaping are sourced within 150 miles of the community. Soil and responsible land management ensure a self-maintaining landscape that requires low water and energy consumption.

The Beauty of Spring Creek

Spring Creek, the most pristine stream in the Houston area, creates a natural northern boundary for our community, providing a diverse population of animals, such as river otters, raccoons, opossum, pleated woodpeckers and kingfishers. The stream is rich with many species of fish. In partnership with Precinct 4, City Place Nature Preserve is now connected to the Spring Creek Greenway, including an equestrian trail and parking lot.

Welcome Birders

City Place lies within the Central Flyway migration zone, allowing residents and visitors to witness many of the 5 million birds that nest and migrate through this region. People come from all over the world to see a little brown bird found here, the Swainson’s warbler. Moreover, Spring Creek has the easternmost pair of green kingfishers ever documented, a testimony to the creek’s water quality by a species that requires clean water.

Other Neighborly Creatures

Your neighbors here include dozens of species of waterfowl – primarily ducks and geese. Look for 50 different species of butterflies, including Pipevine Swallowtail, Orange Sulphur, and Horace’s Duskywing. Many species of mammals also live here, from armadillos to weasels, and bats to bobcats. With all of the varied ecosystems inside City Place, you’ll find abundant wildlife in our waters, wetlands, grasslands, forest and prairie.

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Miles of Trails Offered by the Spring Creek Greenway

City Place promises to fulfill a vision and belief that it is possible to preserve and protect forests and natural ecosystems within a built environment, making them easily accessible to those who work, live, and visit here.


Warren Wilson, Executive Vice President, Coventry Development Corporation , City Place master developer


– Warren Wilson, Executive Vice President, Coventry Development Corporation , City Place master developer

City Place
City Place

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