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    Experience the giant gingerbread village at City Place in Spring this holiday season

    KPRC Houston Life

    Since making its debut three years ago, the giant gingerbread village at City Place has welcomed thousands of guests to come check out their 16-foot-high gingerbread house!

    This Giant Gingerbread Village features a gumdrop, lollipop and candy-cane-lined path – guarded by two giant gingerbread men – leading to a raised clearing featuring cookie trees, a 16-foot-high gingerbread house and 12-foot windmill. An illuminating 35-foot floating Christmas tree is on view at City Place Park’s main pond.

    This Insta-worthy holiday attraction will be on display daily from 7a-11p through January 9th, and this is something the whole family can enjoy.

    Events through Christmas including train rides, live holiday music, a Rudolph-led bike ride and children story times featuring appearances by popular characters.

    Watch as Lauren Kelly gets more info on this adorable family-friendly spot in Spring.

    City Place
    City Place

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