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    Día de los Muertos comes alive at City Place in Spring

    Houston Chronicle Preview

    Papel picado will line the central plaza of City Place in Spring, where an 8-foot high community altar has been erected for a Día de los Muertos celebration this weekend.

    Fashioned from wood, the altar’s elements were sourced from San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Brightly colored papel picado, cut paper banners that are traditional in Mexico, will add to the festivities.

    Maria Dorman, who is originally from Mexico, is one of the event organizers. She says in her house each year, her family celebrates Dia de los Muertos by decorating a seven-story altar they’ve fashioned out of boxes.

    At the altar, they leave out traditional elements to welcome the spirits of deceased family members into their home, including flowers, a mirror, candles, a salt splash to ward off bad spirits, a toy dog to help guide them, and a dish of water “because they are thirsty from their way,” Dorman says.

    Dorman displays photographs and leaves out the deceased family member’s favorite foods and drinks as a way of honoring them.

    “My daughter never met my grandparents, but I tell her about them” through Día de los Muertos, she says.

    Dia De Los Muertos 2021

    Dia De Los Muertos 2021

    City Place
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