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    City Place welcomes new businesses, residents after rebranding in 2021

    Community Impact

    City Place, a Spring-area master-planned development, has seen growth in both its residential and business communities since rebranding from Springwoods Village in June 2021, according to developer CDC Houston.

    City Place spans 2,000 acres near Spring’s northern border with a population of about 2,500 residents and 22,000 employees across businesses located within the development.

    “We’ve seen an increase in foot traffic, leasing demand, and overall energy and attention from consumers,” said Andrew Giammalva, the CDC Houston project manager, via email.

    New campuses for both Harmony Public Schools and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic will be opening at City Place, the developer announced in late August and early September, respectively. Harmony Public Schools will be opening several charter schools on a 28.9-acre tract of land beginning in mid-2024, while Kelsey-Seybold’s 165,000-square-foot medical campus is slated to be complete by summer 2023.

    Meanwhile, Harper Woods—an 85-residence community that was one of City Place’s first residential projects—is three homes away from selling out, according to an Oct. 24 news release. In early 2024, City Place plans to announce more details on its largest residential community yet—a new “joint venture” with developer DMB Residential, said Stuart Rosenberg, City Place’s director of client relations.

    “All of these projects and initiatives are contributing to the rapid growth and activity at City Place, and we look forward to keeping this momentum going into 2023 and beyond,” Giammalva said.

    Rebranding was important for revitalizing the development’s marketing strategy, Giammalva said, but the process of changing Springwoods Village to City Place did present some challenges. The main obstacle was keeping marketing messaging consistent and communicating the change to community partners, he said.

    “Many of the existing projects, corporate campuses, tenants and residents were accustomed to Springwoods Village,” Giammalva said. “Overcoming this challenge led to the achievement of successfully rebranding to City Place.”

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